*identifies the cutest boy in the room .5 seconds after entering*


Hello beautiful people of Tumblr! It’s me, chohker, and I’m here today to update my favs. Last time I actually did it (it was the dinosaur ages, people), I was so happy with the blog I chose because those were the ones I reblogged from the most. Now, that my style has been blew into the winds of change for the past few months (cue the Pocahontas scene where she is stANDING ON THE EDGE OF A FUCKING CLIFF and the leaves are hitting her face but that woman still manages to looks graceful), I decided to pick some new favorite blogs. 
mbf me
reblog this like bryanboy would refresh his instagram feed (ANTM REFRENCE HELLO CYCLE 21 IN THE MAKING) and like it as well!
have a super fantastic blog (you most likely got that part down, so don’t stress it)
any blog type. it doesn’t have to be the same. one blog does not have a higher chance because it’s more my style. it’s about the posts and the flow that will help me make my decision. if I like your blog, I like your blog. that’s all there is to it. 
message me hello because I want to get to know all of you lovely humans!
be active! (I want to make sure that people are aware of your existence and that you post stuff regularly)
I will promote you whenever, however you want. Just send me a message and I will do it.
I will vote for you and ask my followers to do so as well. 
You will gain a new friend! I love talking to all of you so starting a conversation will just begin everything
Blog advice when you need it. 
so there you go, people. CHOHKER’S BACK, ALRIGHT (i am serenading you with backstreet boys lyrics, who else has done that for you?). I’m not going for a specific amount of blog, so it could range from choosing 2-25 blogs. I will start going through the notes once they reach +70. so reblog, reblog, reblog! 


“But your best friend is still your best friend. Even from half a world away. Distance can’t sever that connection. Best friends are the kind of people who can survive anything. And when best friends see each other again, after being separated by half a world and more miles than you think you can bear, you pick up right where you left off. After all, that’s what best friends do.”